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Mike Sherman


I'm Mike Sherman. I recently completed the .Net Developer track at Centriq Training. I've always been interested in the idea of being a developer, but it was just that, an idea. I was stuck in a position where I needed money to survive, and taking time away from making money, whether to better my life or not, just wasn't an option. Then, somehow, everything just kind of fell into place. I had an opportunity to change my entire way of life, and I would have been stupid not to take it. The change of life I was looking for was so close I could taste it.

I started the .Net Developer track in May 2016, and shortly after fell in love. The entire course for the most part just clicked for me. I did run into issues, but there wasn't anything I felt I couldn't handle. I was a service technician for the previous 5 years, and feel one of my strengths is definitely thinking through problems logically. I honestly enjoy the trouble-shooting/problem solving process, and that turned out to be one of the keys to my success in the track.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to think it was all sunshine and rainbows. I had absolutely no coding experience. There were A LOT of late nights. Quite a few weekend meet-ups between class-mates, attempting to expand on what we had learned that week. A lot of days that once class ended, and everyone else was trying to get out of the building, I'd be throwing on the head phones looking to make more progress. It was rare to leave my classroom before 6 PM, even though class ended at 4. Naturally, I'm an extremely dedicated person. I make it a point to give everything I do 112%. Everyone had told me you could only get out of Centriq what you put into it. I gave it my everything.

Now, that the classes are over, I'm eagerly awaiting my chance to enter the professional world as a .Net Developer. I look forward to being challenged mentally on a daily basis. The passion I've found for the development process, from start to finish, is one I feel won't fade. The idea of going to "work", spending the time doing something that I love is brand new to me. I've never been more excited.

  • Date Of Birth : March 7, 1990
  • Location : Olathe, KS

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In my time at centriq I've developed a plethora of skills I'm excited to give a go outside the class room.



Java Script



Web Forms

Development Strategy.


Personally, I make it a goal to take notes of exactly what needs to be done, on paper. I work best with a checklist, that I can work through step by step.


Then it comes down to how. I'll draw out a rough draft of how I would like the final product to look. Having a rough idea of the layout seems to speed up the process.


I set a plan, or a list of goals, for the project. I make it a point to not only complete the daily tasks I've set for myself in a timely manner, but to get ahead of the timeline.


I test functionality throughout every aspect of the project. I don't like surprises. I will ensure something works, nearly flawlessly, before moving onto the next task.

Professional Experience.

May 2011 - April 2016

Master Technician

Worked daily in a team based environment to provide service to 300+ customers covering a 200+ mile radius. Required a hands-on technical competency, exemplary troubleshooting skills, and the desire to provide customers with an excellent customer service experience on a daily basis.

March 2009 - May 2011

Package Handler

Worked daily in a very fast paced loading/unloading environment. The deadlines and quotas were mandatory, and heavily enforced. On a nightly basis, you were required to load at-least 400 packages an hour, while maintaining a load quality that would prevent damage to any of the packages.


May 2, 2016 - August 12, 2016

Certificate of Completion

Centriq Training - Application Developer Program

Completed the Application Developer Program at Centriq Training, as preperation for a desired career change.


Pittsburg State University

Attended a semester at Pittsburg State University. Unfortunately, at this point in time I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After seeing the bill for the first semester, with no final destination in sight, I decided getting back to work was a better decision for me while I figured things out.


High School Diploma

Olathe North High School

Graduated from Olathe North High School.


June 2016

Centriq Champion Award - Teamwork

Centriq Training - Application Developer Program

Was nominated by my peers for being a team player on a daily basis. I was not only dedicated to my personal success, but to the success of those surrounding as well.

3rd Quarter 2011

Excellence in Customer Service

Restaurant Technologies Inc.

The Kansas City Depot was recognized for keeping excellent customer service ratings (over 95%) during the 3rd quarter 2011.

December 2010

Employee Of The Month

Fed Ex Ground

Was named employee of the month at Fed Ex Ground, for maintaining excellent numbers and load quality through the month of December.


  • All
  • HTML
  • MVC
  • Console

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Olathe, KS 66061



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